Ayurveda – The Fact……

                   On last Sunday , my friend Archana came home and suddenly for the first time she noticed “CHARAK SANHITA on my book shelf. With a lot of curiosity she opened it and scaringly closed it thinking AYURVEDA!!  Its not my cup of tea, I cant understand.

                    Looking at her reactions I realized there are so many misunderstandings about AYURVEDA.

                   Being an Ayurveda Consultant , I decided to clear her concepts and make her “AYURVEDA FREINDLY”.

                    I explained her that AYURVEDA is part of our daily life. To begin with I asked her, “According to you what is an ideal day?”

                   Archana,”Wake up early in the morning – exercise – have heavy breakfast – go to work – eat early – go to bed early.”

                    I said, “Hey , This is AYURVEDA. See you know it. Healthy lifestyle, Importance of exercise, daily planning , and Nutrition.”

                      If we go to our basics in our own kitchen, HALDI (TURMERIC) is of great medicinal use. From ancient days , if we get a cut we immediately apply haldi.

AYURVEDA is eternal science. Its just our ignorance that we are away from this great form of art and science.

                  I promised to teach her ayurveda with daily examples. And also explained, not to treat people with it. Let the Ayurveda Consultant (Doctor) do their work.

                      She was too curious and started asking various questions. With a smile I said,” You can’t become an expert in a day dear.Weekly I will upgrade you step by step”.