Make more than lemonade…..

Lemon is sour to taste but they are actually grateful for health & beauty. This cheap & golden colored fruit has excellent properties for enhancing your look.

Simple lemon based preparations, you can mix in your own kitchen; will surely bring a dramatic transformation in your beauty regimen.

Nutritional Benefits of Lemon:

Vitamin C, Citric Acid ,Carbohydrates ,Fat, Sugar ,Dietary fiber,  Proteins and some amount of zinc, manganese and copper.

Skin Care: Lemon has antiseptic properties. Lemon locally applied for acne, blackheads, eczema & sun burn.

Drinking Lemon juice brings glow to the skin and reduces aging of skin.

Hair care: Lemon juice applied on scalp to treat dandruff &hair fall. It gives natural shiny & silky hair. Apply lemon juice on scalp half hour before hair wash.

Refreshing Drink: One glass of lemon water not only refreshes your body but keeps you healthy & disease free.

Digestion: Lemon acts as a liver tonic. It enhances digestion. Lemon juice is very helpful for constipation, Heart burn, hiccoughs, and flatulence.

Obesity: lemon with Luke warm water is a fantastic remedy for obesity. You can add 1/2tsf honey also. Take it early morning.

Heart Disease: As lemon rich in potassium, it is helpful to prevent heart disease. Lemon is also help to reduce the high blood pressure, dizziness & stress.

Asthma & Throat Infection: Warm lemon water is used to treat asthma, tonsillitis, cough, chest congestion & breathing problem.

Anemia: Ascorbic acid is very important for the absorption of Iron. Lemon, honey & apple cider vinegar used to treat anemia.

Fever: Blood purifier action of lemon used to treat malarial fever.

Bleeding: Lemon has antiseptic and styptics properties hence it can stop internal bleeding. You can apply it for nose bleeding. (It is very common condition in summer days.) Also it is locally applied for gum bleeding.

Urinary Problem: Potassium rich Lemon acts like diuretic means it increases urination and thus expels the toxins. Hence it is helpful to treat urinary tract infections.

Lemon Juice Recipes:

  1. Cut the lemon in half.
  2. Squeeze out the juice with hands or simply use the manual citrus juicer.
  3. Add a glass of water.
  4. You can add sugar & salt according to taste.



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