Coconut Water…..Health Benefits

Many years back an advertisement used to come on TV in Marathi ,”Nisargachi karni an naralat pani!!”

This miracle of nature also has miraculous effects on our health. The craze for coconut water is increasing day by day. But do you really know what effects it has on our body? Does it really help? Does it suit to everybody? How much should you drink?

Many times we just tend to follow others. Everyone is drinking so do we!!

Let’s try and understand what it is:

What is coconut water exactly?

Coconut water is the liquid that is found inside young coconuts before they mature, at which point the water solidifies to form the flesh of the coconut.

It can be drunk directly from the freshly harvested fruit.

It is naturally —

  1. Low in carbs
  2. Low in sugars
  3. 99%fat free

How good is coconut water for me?

  1. It keeps the body cool and at proper temperature
  2. Orally re-hydrate your body, it is a natural isotonic beverage
  3. Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  4. Naturally replenish your body fluids after exercising.
  5. Raise your metabolism
  6. Promote weight loss.
  7. Boost your immune system.
  8. Detoxify and fight virus.
  9. Cleanse your digestive tract.
  10. Controls Diabetes.
  11. Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause flu, herpes , and AIDS.
  12. Balance your ph and reduce the risk of cancer.
  13. Treat kidney and urethral stones.
  14. Boost poor circulation.

How good is it than other juices?

  1. Coconut water is natural isotonic beverage. i.e same level that we have in our blood.
  2. It is as good as IV fluid.
  3. It is more nutritious than milk—less fat and no cholesterol.
  4. It’s healthier than orange juice—Much lower calories.
  5. It contains lauric acid which is present in human mother’s milk.
  6. It is naturally sterile.

Whoever is drinking it regularly, celebrate and those who aren’t start drinking and experiencing natures miracle.


Coconut Water….. a Nutritional Boon !!!

ImageAs provides lot of nutrition coconut water has been marketed as Energy drink / Sports drink / Health drink.

Coconut water contains –

Electrolytes – Coconut water also called as “ fluid of life”.  It is rich source of potassium, magnesium, sodium & calcium. There have been some cases in developing countries where coconut water is used as an intravenous hydration. Many physicians recommend coconut water for instant energy in cases of high grade fever, loose motion, vomiting, dehydration etc.

Vitamins – The coconut water provides many essential vitamins which help boost immune system.  It is rich in – Vit C , Vit B – B1,B2 , B6 & B9.

Coconut water provides some amount of proteins.

It contains large amount of dietary fibers which aid digestion.

It act as natural diuretic (Increases urine frequency).

 It is low in Carbohydrate & Calories – One cup of coconut water provides only 46 calories.

Coconut water is fat / cholesterol free

Coconut water gives enormous health benefits due to its unique nutritional compositions …..

…..Wait for next Wednesday to know health benefits of coconut water….. 🙂


Buttermilk for Better Health

ImageButtermilk contains no butter…..hence its give better health.

Many physician advice buttermilk instead of milk as it is low on fats & high on nutrition.

Nutritional Benefits

Buttermilk contains Lactic acid Bacteria (good bacteria) which helps to improve immune system.

It is a good source of energy as it is rich in carbohydrate.

Buttermilk is rich in potassium, proteins, calcium, Phosphorus & vitamins ( Vit B12, Vit E, Vit K & Vit A).

Health Benefits

Buttermilk is a Refreshing drink for summer season as it reduces the body heat & keeping you cool.

It is good option for that people who can tolerate lactose

It contains vitamins, minerals & probiotics which helps to improve your digestion & strengthen your immune system.

Buttermilk is low in fat & highly nutritious protects against heart disease. It is also recommended for heart patients.

Buttermilk is the best remedy for obesity.

Buttermilk is one of the favorite diet recommendations by Ayurveda physician for many chronic diseases like IBS (irritable bowel Syndrome), Piles, fistula, dysentery, Gas trouble, Obesity, Heart Diseases.

Recipes of ButtermilkImage

Fresh Curd – 1 Cup

Water – 4 cups

Mix  in juicer.

Remove fat & froth.

You can add Jeera (black cumin seeds) powder, salt, coriander leaves, fresh ginger according to test.

Beat the Heat – Neera

Neera – The sweet, oyster white & translucent drink, which is extracted from the inflorescence of palm trees has the tendency to bring down body temperatures by dissipating the heat and is an ideal coolant for the scorching summers.

Neera is an unfermented beverage & it is non – alcoholic. Once fermented, neera gets converted to toddy.

It is widely consumed in India, Srilanka, Africa, Malaysia.

Neera is not only sweet and delicious, but also has nutrients and minerals.

Nutritional Value

The Neera has low-fat, low calorific value (396 for 100 gms) and. rich nutritive value.

The nutritional analysis: ( Ref- Indian Council of Medical Research)

Carbohydrates (98.76),  Protein (2 %), Fat. 0.04% , (Ether extracts.) (0.04), Minerals (0.3), Iron (Fe) (1.4mg. %), Calcium Ca (58.7mg %), Phosphorus (P) (5.4mg. %) and Riboflavin (8.2 mg/100 gm)

Neera has a nearly neutral pH.

Neera act as refreshing drink & It cools the human body especially in summer season.

It is good for improvement of general health.

Neera is a good appetizer.

It also helps to improve digestion & cure digestive troubles.

Neera act like a tonic for asthmatic, anemic & leprosy patients.

It can be consumed in fairly large quantity without any harm to the system