Beat the Heat – Neera

Neera – The sweet, oyster white & translucent drink, which is extracted from the inflorescence of palm trees has the tendency to bring down body temperatures by dissipating the heat and is an ideal coolant for the scorching summers.

Neera is an unfermented beverage & it is non – alcoholic. Once fermented, neera gets converted to toddy.

It is widely consumed in India, Srilanka, Africa, Malaysia.

Neera is not only sweet and delicious, but also has nutrients and minerals.

Nutritional Value

The Neera has low-fat, low calorific value (396 for 100 gms) and. rich nutritive value.

The nutritional analysis: ( Ref- Indian Council of Medical Research)

Carbohydrates (98.76),  Protein (2 %), Fat. 0.04% , (Ether extracts.) (0.04), Minerals (0.3), Iron (Fe) (1.4mg. %), Calcium Ca (58.7mg %), Phosphorus (P) (5.4mg. %) and Riboflavin (8.2 mg/100 gm)

Neera has a nearly neutral pH.

Neera act as refreshing drink & It cools the human body especially in summer season.

It is good for improvement of general health.

Neera is a good appetizer.

It also helps to improve digestion & cure digestive troubles.

Neera act like a tonic for asthmatic, anemic & leprosy patients.

It can be consumed in fairly large quantity without any harm to the system


30 thoughts on “Beat the Heat – Neera

  1. Very Nice Dr. Many people dont drink neera because they dont know the benifits of it. Good you shared it. Is there any specific time to drink? Many people suggest you shudnt drink after sunset. Is that true?

  2. अच्छी जानकारी है! कृपया अभी जो बाज़ार में मिलने वाली निरा है, क्या उसमे ये सब तत्व मिल जायंगे ! अगर हाँ तो निरा कब पीनी चाहिए
    और अगर ना है तो अच्छी निरा कहाँ से उपलब्ध होगी कृपया दोनों सवालों के जवाब !

  3. धन्यवाद.
    बाजार में सरकारी मान्यताप्राप्त नीरा केंद्र है, उसमे ये सब तत्व मिल जायेंगे. जैसे हि सुबह सुबह पेड से नीरा उतारी जाये उसी वक्त पिनी चाहिये, लेकिन ये हर बार , हर ठिकान पे संभव नही है, इसलिये नीरा केंद्र पे मिलने वाली नीरा आप दिन में कभी भी ले सकतो हो.

    Collection Of Neera-

    Before blossoming, when the flower is just budding, a coconut tree climber would reach the bud and tie it up with a clay pot. A small hole is made in front of the bud so that a white milk like juice starts to ooze out and gets collected in the pot. The mouth of the pot is covered with a cotton cloth to protect it from the outside environment. This is normally done in the evening time.

  4. Thanks for Information 🙂
    Neera is my favourite summer drink But I am really unaware about its nutritional value.

  5. hello dr Manisha ji…i chk out the benefits of neera….thnxx 4 ur guidence..i jus wnt 2 ask ki is it gud 2 improve skin problems i mean cn tis drink help to improve compexsion??

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    you write once more very soon!

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