Coconut Water….. a Nutritional Boon !!!

ImageAs provides lot of nutrition coconut water has been marketed as Energy drink / Sports drink / Health drink.

Coconut water contains –

Electrolytes – Coconut water also called as “ fluid of life”.  It is rich source of potassium, magnesium, sodium & calcium. There have been some cases in developing countries where coconut water is used as an intravenous hydration. Many physicians recommend coconut water for instant energy in cases of high grade fever, loose motion, vomiting, dehydration etc.

Vitamins – The coconut water provides many essential vitamins which help boost immune system.  It is rich in – Vit C , Vit B – B1,B2 , B6 & B9.

Coconut water provides some amount of proteins.

It contains large amount of dietary fibers which aid digestion.

It act as natural diuretic (Increases urine frequency).

 It is low in Carbohydrate & Calories – One cup of coconut water provides only 46 calories.

Coconut water is fat / cholesterol free

Coconut water gives enormous health benefits due to its unique nutritional compositions …..

…..Wait for next Wednesday to know health benefits of coconut water….. 🙂



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