Coconut Water…..Health Benefits

Many years back an advertisement used to come on TV in Marathi ,”Nisargachi karni an naralat pani!!”

This miracle of nature also has miraculous effects on our health. The craze for coconut water is increasing day by day. But do you really know what effects it has on our body? Does it really help? Does it suit to everybody? How much should you drink?

Many times we just tend to follow others. Everyone is drinking so do we!!

Let’s try and understand what it is:

What is coconut water exactly?

Coconut water is the liquid that is found inside young coconuts before they mature, at which point the water solidifies to form the flesh of the coconut.

It can be drunk directly from the freshly harvested fruit.

It is naturally —

  1. Low in carbs
  2. Low in sugars
  3. 99%fat free

How good is coconut water for me?

  1. It keeps the body cool and at proper temperature
  2. Orally re-hydrate your body, it is a natural isotonic beverage
  3. Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  4. Naturally replenish your body fluids after exercising.
  5. Raise your metabolism
  6. Promote weight loss.
  7. Boost your immune system.
  8. Detoxify and fight virus.
  9. Cleanse your digestive tract.
  10. Controls Diabetes.
  11. Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause flu, herpes , and AIDS.
  12. Balance your ph and reduce the risk of cancer.
  13. Treat kidney and urethral stones.
  14. Boost poor circulation.

How good is it than other juices?

  1. Coconut water is natural isotonic beverage. i.e same level that we have in our blood.
  2. It is as good as IV fluid.
  3. It is more nutritious than milk—less fat and no cholesterol.
  4. It’s healthier than orange juice—Much lower calories.
  5. It contains lauric acid which is present in human mother’s milk.
  6. It is naturally sterile.

Whoever is drinking it regularly, celebrate and those who aren’t start drinking and experiencing natures miracle.


6 thoughts on “Coconut Water…..Health Benefits

  1. Really it is good article.
    But I want to clear one thing, that you have mentioned in your article – No cholesterol..
    But I have heard that there is cholesterol in the coconut water. Some Ayurvedic Practioners are telling like this. Which is correct ?


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