Who doesn’t eat me?

I am sour, salty & almost all the tastes I have that your tongue enjoys me!!

I am Amla……..

I am famous among all age groups in the form of chyavanprash…Also I am very popular in the form of amla supari, morawala, muramba ……(Yummy!! )

& with honey I am natures the sweetest gift for diabetic patient.

But today I will discuss only juice recipe..which is very simple to prepare & have lot of benefits.

How to make Juice:


Amla – 5

Sugar – 2 ½ tsp


Cut the amla grind it well with one glass of water

Filter it & take the juice

Add sugar & mix it well.

( You can add honey instead of sugar.)

 My Benefits:

  1. It is the Best Rasayan… Rejuvenate your body & prevent aging & boost immunity.
  2. Amla juice keeps your body cool in height of summer.
  3. Gives strength to your heart muscles & Lungs.
  4. Improves eyesight.
  5. Improve  memory.
  6. Diminish the risk of cancer.
  7. Increase appetite & Regulates bowel movements.
  8. Gives a glowing skin & prevent acne & pimples.
  9. Prevent hair loss.
  10. Cure burning micturition.

Used For:

Used to treat liver problems, Respiratory problems, Heart diseases, Skin diseases, Hair problems, Bleeding disorders, Diabetes, Insomnia, Gastric problems, Arthritis & Ulcers.

With Honey – Cures bronchitis, Asthma. Acts as blood purifier.

With Turmeric & Honey – Controls Diabetes

Nasal Drops- 2-3 nasal drops of juice prevents nasal bleeding.


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6 thoughts on “Who doesn’t eat me?

  1. Hello Doc, Great article.

    I am diabetic patient, u mentioned that amla with honey is gift for diabetic patient….can you write any recipe about same ?

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