Watermelon Juice

Hope this is last summer drink I am going to serve this summer…

On next Wednesday I would like to serve you something hot, spicy (but healthy) recipe to welcome the rainy season…..


Watermelon – ½ fruit

Sugar- 3-4 tsp

Lemon – ½ fruit (or as per taste)


Extract juice from watermelon in a blender.

Add sugar & lemon juice.

Mix it well.

Health Benefits:

Known for its nutritious value, refreshing watermelon juice is the best way to beat the summer heat.

Watermelon is rich in antioxidants vitamin C & A which also helps in preventing various diseases.

Watermelon has rich source of potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure & keeps heart healthy.

Seeds are packed with protein, calcium, iron, zinc & phosphorus.

It is important addition for low fat & low cholesterol diet.

Watermelon juice helps to promote weight loss.

Watermelon juice cleanses your kidney & bladder.

It acts like natural Viagra & increases insulin sensitivity.

It also protects you from early aging.



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