Top 10 Tips for Healthy Monsoon

Have you enjoyed the first rain of this season…..What you did….danced? Had garamagarm Vadapav & tea…… ride on bike………Great

But be careful…monsoon is like festival season but also it is a season of many diseases & infections.  Sudden changes in temperature lowers down the immunity & make us susceptible to many diseases like hyperacidity, indigestion, skin disorder, hair problem etc…

According to Ayurveda rainy season is also the time for aggravation of Pitta, which the functional energy of our body dominant in fire element & responsible for metabolism & digestion. Digestion is weak during monsoon.

Hey don’t worry guys…I am not scaring you …..Follow the following tips & enjoy monsoon.

  1. Eat light & easily digestible foods like moong dal, khichree, steamed vegetable.
  2. Avoid heavy, hot acidic, salty, deep fried foods, junk foods & leafy vegetable.
  3. Be careful while eating out & make sure you go to a place which is clean & hygienic.
  4. Eat lot of bitter vegetables like bitter guard (Kerala) & bitter herbs like neem, fenugreek & turmeric as it is prevents infection. Bitter taste neutralizes Pitta.
  5. Use lighter oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, corn oil, cow’s ghee & avoid heavy oils like mustard oil, butter, peanut oil.
  6. Wash all green vegetables & fruits thoroughly before using them.
  7. Massage with sesame oil at least twice in week also keeps you healthy during rainy season.
  8. Hot water is better than cold water to drink.
  9. Avoid afternoon sleep.
  10. Those who are prone to joint pain avoid sitting /lying down on floors as it aggravates pain.

Now I am sure you are applying above tips & will enjoy monsoon without falling sick…:)

  I apologize to those people who are waiting for spicy & healthy recipes….will write soon 





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