Diet for Rainy Season

ImageIn India, Rainy season doesn’t throughout the year. It has a particular time and according to Ayurveda it was divided into to two sub season – Varsha & Sharad.

Varsha (Mid Jun- Mid Aug) is the season in which VATA problems like joint pain, Joint swelling, Body ache, Sciatica; Dryness of skin, Dandruff etc dominates.  So we have to be very careful about our lifestyle & Diet.

Diet: Diet must be lighter, warm, oily, less watery, sweet, sour & salty in taste, which helps to control VATA

  1. Honey: Use  sufficient amount of honey, which helps to control VATA.
  2. Cereals:  Rice, Millets are good in rains.
  3. Pluses:  As pulses are increasing VATA, it should be cooked with moderate amount of oil, ghee, butter. It will help to control VATA.
  4. Vegetables: Sweet & sour tasting vegetables must be preferred in this season.
  5. Milk & Milk Products: Moderate amount of ghee, butter, milk, and other milk products will help to control VATA. The heavy sweetmeat should be avoided.
  6. Oils: Sesame oil is the best medicine to control the VATA. It can be used in cooking and also used as massage oil.
  7. Spices: Turmeric, ginger, dry ginger, mustard seed are really good in this season. But avoid chilly, black papers.
  8. Water: Body is not demanding much water, so drink water as per your body requirements.
  9. Fruits: The need of fruits reduces considerably in this season.

Enjoy Monsoon….


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