Yoga & Heart

Various Yoga poses & its  effects on Heart:

Standing pose:

In these poses lateral wall of heart completely stretched & toned up that blood can flows easily to those same places. In addition, everybody seated, standing & walking posture effect respiration, circulation & health of heart. Chronic slouching decreases the circulation to all the vital organs, especially the heart. Learning how to stand up straight & engage all the muscles in the body build a stronger heart muscle.

Poses:  Parvatasan (Mountain Pose),Tadasan ( Palm tree pose), Trikonasan ( triangle pose), Balancing half moon, Extended side angle.

Inverted poses:

The most important task of the cardiovascular system is to supply blood to the brain. Inverted pose helps to strengthen heart. Increases blood flow to the brain. It may prevent death of brain cells. Benefit the heart by increasing the volume of blood coursing through it. Reduce the blood pressure & heart rate. Inverting poses gives the heart break. The heart works incessantly to ensure that freshly oxygenated blood makes its way up to the brain & sensory organs. When inverting, pressure is reversed. It is believed that there are internal mechanisms that sense the increase in blood & slow the flow, thus reducing both blood pressure & heart rate.

Poses: Legs against the wall, Shoulder stand, Bridge pose, Plow pose.

Horizontal poses & Forward bends:

These poses rejuvenate the heart & lungs. When lungs are well rested they breathe easier & deeply & nutrients of the body are processed with maximum efficiency.

Poses: Childs poses, Downward facing dog, Standing forward bend, Seated forward bend, Pigeon pose.

Back Bending Poses:

When back bending poses are done without strain, they can improve blood supply to the myocardium & tone up cardiac muscle. Passive, supported backbends gently stretch the heart muscle & cardiac vessels that supply the heart. This can be increase blood flow to the heart & helps to prevent the arterial blockages. Backbends also help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, and force the heart to contract, lengthening cardiac muscle and enhancing blood flow.

Poses:  Reclining bound angle, Reclining heroes pose, Fish pose ( Matsyasan), Camel pose ( Ushtrasan), Locust pose ( Padmasan), Full or half bow pose ( Dhanurasan), Cobra  ( Bhujangasan)& Bridge pose.

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