Post Angioplasty Exercise: Do’s & Don’ts

Post  Angioplasty  Exercise: 

Do’s :

  1. Start with very low intensity exercise like walking, climbing stairs etc.
  2. Choose an exercise you love to do. Its easier to keep up.
  3. Warm up before the exercise & cool down after you finish the exercise.
  4. Try exercise at the same time everyday as this is better accepted by the body clock.
  5. Wait for one hour after meals & one hour after bathing.
  6. Wear Comfortable shoes & clothing’s appropriate to weather.


  1. Do not start heavy exercise right away. Slowly increase the intensity.
  2. Avoid exercising in extreme Heat & extreme cold.
  3. Do not exercise after meals & alcohols.
  4. Do not squeeze your whole weeks exercise in the weekend only.
  5. Don’t overdo. If you are feeling low or tired stop. Over exertion can be dangerous.


Stop Exercise if you are getting breathlessness, chest pain or discomfort & talk to your doctor.


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