Do’s and don’ts of modern lifestyle

Modern Lifestyle (what do you mean?) –

Modern lifestyle especially in urban areas is the major cause for number of health problems.
This is an age where communication has become very easy. People work mostly on computers to get their job done.  This is an age where machines do most of the human work.  Today life is more easy than what our ancestors had to live in their times.   All these must reduce your workload and stress. While former is definitely true, the latter has not yet happened. In fact it has increased the stress so much that sometimes people can’t bare it.

Why this is happening? What is wrong if we live life where we make machines work for us?
First of all Computers are one of the reasons why you are not living a healthy lifestyle.
By constantly working on Computers, your eyes are becoming drier. Your back may experience pain by constantly working and sitting in a same position and you may develop serious back problems.
Today, intake of pain killers is increasing since people don’t have time to find a complete work around if they experience any sort of pain. These can have severe side effects.
So to summarize the Dos and Don’ts of modern lifestyle, we can add following

Dos –

  1. Life has become much easier with lot of machines at your dispose doing all types of work which your ancestors could only dream.  Use these machines to make your life easy.
  2. Communication has become very easy with people around the globe can communicate with each other via internet in no time.
  3. Especially in urban areas across India, people are finding more jobs with hefty salary packages which have lifted their standard of living.
  4. Medical Science has improved so much and has achieved results that previous generations would only imagine.


  1. Today People have ill-relationship with the environment. Due to night shifts, heavy workloads, people are going against the nature and are sleeping and taking rest other than the normal timings.
    Take appropriate rest and timely breaks if you have such a schedule.
  2. Today, due to the type of working environment and hectic schedules, physical activity has reduced.
    Do regular exercise or at least take a walk whenever possible.
  3.  Eating habits have added the risk of suffering from many diseases especially consumption of junk food. Eat more salads and fruits and try and reduce the frequency of junk food consumption.
  4. Today bad habits like smoking, excess drinking are on the rise leading to numerous health risks.
    Avoid them to live a better life.
  5. Constantly changing work schedules, increasing demands from the consumer have increased work-load thus has increased stress. Try and manage your schedule.
  6. People are not paying enough attention to their health and give priority to their work and society status. Health is wealth. Don’t ignore it.

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