Benefits Of Pranayam ( Breathing Exercise)

Pranayam is method of breath control. Breath is the cord between soul & body. Breathing directly affects your physical & mental states hence breathing exercise gives physical as well as mental health

Benefits of Pranayam

  1. Improve health & heal diseases.
  2. Remove toxins from body & boost the immune system.
  3. Increase energy, vitality & awareness
  4. Breathing exercise makes lung strong, improve circulation, increases oxygen supply to all vital organs.
  5. It provides complete relaxation to nervous system & give Inner peace, Better sleep.
  6.  It provides Better memory, Increase concentration & Improve spiritual powers.
  7. Accelerate intellectual development.
  8. Pranayam practice helps to remove negative thinking like anger, depression, arrogance, jealousy etc
  9. You balanced in any type of situation / condition & Helps to balance your work & life



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