Garlic & Cardiovascular Disease:

Zhang et al reported that gender might affect the action of garlic on plasma cholesterol & glucose levels of normal subjects.  A systematic review of effectiveness of garlic as an antihyperlipidemic agent included 10 studies & found that six studies garlic was effective in reducing serum cholesterol levels.

The average drop in –

  1. Total cholesterol was 9.9%,
  2. LDL 11.4% &
  3. Triglycerides 9.9%.

Other direct cardio protective effect of garlic in humans have also reported-

  1. Decrease in unstable angina
  2.  Increase in the elastic property of blood vessels
  3. Decrease in peripheral arterial occlusion diseases
  4. Increases peripheral blood flowing in healthy subjects
  5.  Inhibiting the progression of coronary calcification in patients receiving satin therapy.

Some scientist  conclude in their review that although garlic appears to hold promise in reducing parameters associated with cardiovascular disease, more in depth & well designed studies are required.


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Walk for Heart

Do you know, daily walk promote heart health?

Many in depth research studies have shown that regular  daily walking can cut your risk of heart disease & almost all diseases.

You may have busy life, but try & introduce 30 min walk in your life & stay healthy.

Benefits of  Daily Walk for Heart:

1. Strengthen your Heart, lungs & muscles.

2. Improves your fitness.

3. Decrease the risk of Heart Disease.

3. Increase the daily calories burn & helps to lose Weight.

4. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes & also help to control diabetes.

5. Maintains your Blood Pressure & prevent Hypertension.

6. Improves sleep quality.

7. Reduces the stress.

8. Lowers the Bad cholesterol levels ( LDL)

9. Increases the good cholesterol levels ( HDL).

10. Improves self-esteem & mood.

Start  regular walking & stay Healthy

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