Walk for Heart

Do you know, daily walk promote heart health?

Many in depth research studies have shown that regular  daily walking can cut your risk of heart disease & almost all diseases.

You may have busy life, but try & introduce 30 min walk in your life & stay healthy.

Benefits of  Daily Walk for Heart:

1. Strengthen your Heart, lungs & muscles.

2. Improves your fitness.

3. Decrease the risk of Heart Disease.

3. Increase the daily calories burn & helps to lose Weight.

4. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes & also help to control diabetes.

5. Maintains your Blood Pressure & prevent Hypertension.

6. Improves sleep quality.

7. Reduces the stress.

8. Lowers the Bad cholesterol levels ( LDL)

9. Increases the good cholesterol levels ( HDL).

10. Improves self-esteem & mood.

Start  regular walking & stay Healthy

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