Why to avoid non vegetarian food in Shravan ????

Shravan is auspicious month. According to Hindu calendar Shravan is month of rains and usually starts in mid July & last till mid August. Mostly Hindus do not eat non vegetarian food during Shravan.

Here are some possible reasons for eating only vegetarian food during Shravan, which include both religious & scientific reason.

1.       Month of festival – Shravan is month of festivals & celebrations like Rakshbandhan , Nagpanchami, Onam, kajori Purnima, etc….

2.       Lord Shiva’s Month– it is holy month of lord Shiva.   All days in month are considered auspicious & each day there is a particular observance by a particular Hindu community.

Monday- Shiv Puja

Tuesday – Mangala gauri pooja

Wednesday – Budh  puja

Thursday – Brihaspati Puja

Friday-  Jara Jivantika Puja

Saturday- Asvatta Maruti Puja.

Every day of this month is laden with significance, so hindus avoid non vegetarian food in this month.

3.       Rain Born Disease– In this month in which monsoon are in full blast. The rains come with lot of water born disease like hepatitis, cholera, Gastritis etc. The general hygiene is very bad & you never know what type of infection you might catch. Most of people believe that meat / non vegetarian food during this month has more chances of get infected

4.       Low Immunity Level– According to Ayurveda , during shrvan the immunity power is very low, so better to avoid non vegetarian, spicy , oily food during this season. Monsoon Diet must be lighter, warm, less watery etc.

5.       The Breeding Season– Shravan is also month of Love & romance. It is breeding season for most of the animals. It is sin to kill animal when they are pregnant / hatching eggs.

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